An educated parent makes a happy child for their first kid dental visit

When a parent has the right tool for the right job, you will accomplish your task. You wouldn’t use a hammer to screw in a screw or a screw driver to hammer in a nail. The same applies to your child. You want to have every available tool to your disposal to make it a success.

Let me list all that will be going against you for your kid first dental visit.

  1. Their age. These little ones have not been on this planet for a long time and so far they have experienced a lot through YOU, the television, the computer, other experiences and their friends.
  2. Their friends. The kid social network is fast and most of the time inaccurate because it is fed by other kids. When it comes to dentistry, some child will hear something from an older sibling or friend of what goes on at the dental visit and it isn’t pretty!!!!
  3. The television or movies. Dentistry gets a “Bad Rap” when it is displayed on-screen. Even if you don’t see the actual visit, the reaction to the word “The Dentist” gets from people sends a bad feeling to all. Your kid will get the subliminal message.
  4. The parent. Yes, I am talking about you. I know, I know, your first experience with your first dental visit was not the greatest and you don’t want that to happen for the next generation. I feel for you. I really do. But for the sake of your child, please try to act normal when on the way to the dental visit and at the appointment. Kids are like sensory robots that can smell when something is BAD associated with dentistry if there parent looks and feels scared.
  5. Other experiences. Your kid prior experiences with a person called a doctor have influenced him/her greatly. They have already been given numerous injections over the course of their short life that would be daunting to any adult alive. This is beyond our control but I mention it only to make you aware of it.


Also, not all pediatric children’s dentist or dental office is created equal. Do your research and ask around about which kids dental office is the best.

What will work in your favor will be the Top 7 list that you will find under







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